Artist's Statement    

As an artist, I am interested in the roads we travel in life–both literal and figurative. As I journey on these roads with no set destination, I try to be conscious of what I experience, always looking for the opportunity to make a connection to something eternal, something larger than myself.

My choice of subject matter, landscape, is influenced by a sense of place, where color and light create an emotional setting. I am drawn to light filtering through trees, a sense of crisp, cool air, and roads or paths that suggest movement and depth. While always part of the present, these scenes also harken back to a time past. I feel that the physical landscape in the paintings is parallel to the emotional landscape within our hearts.

The vast vistas of the Southwest, especially New Mexico, provide a powerful inspiration. Here, where history and myth are often intertwined, a romantic view of life offers itself. The stark beauty of the land offers an intense juxtaposition of space and time. Through the use of high key colors and negative space composition and construction, I strive to create works that reflect the vastness of the land while offering a glimpse of its intimacy. To me, that intimate connection is crucial to being comfortable with the journey.

- Lucy Herrman