Click on thumbnail to see larger version   Heavenly Dialogue: Photographs of Natural Occurrences

Artist's Statement

Over many years, I have used my own photographs as a reference point for creating paintings. Ultimately, those photographs came to take on a life of their own. This show is about the relationship I have with the natural world: my appreciation of and gratitude for the earth we live on and its power and grandeur.

Line, color and light, and the integration of nature and natural forms, are the key elements in my work. My decision to show some of the photographs which have inspired my work reflects the admiration I have for my subject and the veneration it deserves.

I have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from this show to an organization I have been involved with for several years, SHARE of McLean. Since 1969, SHARE’s efforts to be a helping hand in its community are inspiring and noteworthy: By affording families and individuals the needed help during difficult times, SHARE has established a tradition of dignity.

SHARE is well named indeed; and sharing with those in need enriches the benefactor as much as the recipient. In these economic times, many people are just a paycheck away from disaster. My hope is to see the tradition of SHARE-ing strongly carry on as long as needs in the community persist.

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